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Muse Wine

Muses, daughters of Zeus. According to ancient Greek mythology, the muses gave people the gift of art and each of them was a representative of a separate art and a giver of grace.The Muses were in eternal joy and happiness. They always danced and sang, and when they saw that Apollo was leading the choir, they began to sing better than before.According to Homer, the Muses lived on Mount Olympus or Mount Parnassus. In Parnassus, the Castal spring was found, the drinker of whose water was given poetic talent and prophetic skill. Hesiod considers Mount Helicon in his homeland to be the abode of the Muses and allegedly saw them there. According to ancient Greek mythology, in Northern Greece, the Muses lived in the Tempeian Valley and nearby Mount Pieria. They also lived on Mount Pindos.

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